IMG_1011At the club meeting  on July 16, 2014, President Valles recognized two of the members who received District level awards, Beri Kasper and Edi Birsan.

Edi was recognized for his leadership in the Gleaning Program, and Beri was recognized for her tireless work as the leader of Camp Venture.  (The Gleaning Project is where we pick fruit from residential trees, that would otherwise go to waste, and donate the fruit to local food banks and pantries.  Camp Venture is a business/entrepreneurial program where high school juniors learn about running a business and create a business plan.)

IMG_1012Our speaker was Phillip Arnold, the chairman of the Contra Costa Parole Board.  Mr. Arnold kept us enthralled with his exceptional overview of the heavy responsibilities of his position.  He discussed specific examples of how one error in judgment can send someone to incarceration.  He also talked about the types of hard questions he asks those who are seeking parole.

He also talked about the difference between parole and probation. (Parole means that you are able to get out of jail/prison sooner than your prescribed sentence – probation is added on after incarceration ends.)


ByJeff K