Missing-Milk-Carton-psd53543Who’s the man on the milk carton?

Newly installed repeat prez Eric was nowhere to be seen at today’s meeting.  Evidently, something called work took him out of town to a meeting.   Filling in for him was past-prez Jeff, who tried to fill his shoes, as best he could.

Imagine that, a politician with their hat out…

No visiting Rotarians this week, and the guests were few and far between; Cody (who has been advising his grandpa Edi in the fashion department!) our speakers; Collette Carrol and Sam Vaughn from California Reentry Institute, and their guest, Galen.

Virginia – House sold in 7 days! Moving to Brentwood on a Golf Course!

Al – No special reason, glad to be able to be here with us!

Nancy – Leg Dr. says “Stay away! You’re all better!”

Kian – For upcoming changes coming their way in three months

Edi – No city council meeting, so he actually saved money since he didn’t lose a battle and have to pay $20

Beri – Paid $20 in recognition for her trip to see her mother in Idaho

Kathy – Thanks to Edi for his help in navigating the City Zone


With 30 years of perfect attendance, Dirk Wentliing announced that he will be joining the Jackson Club, which is a lot closer to his new home in Volcano.  He then gifted all in attendance with a 4-Way Test coin.  Acting-prez Jeff thanked Dirk for his 30 years of service to the club, two terms as president, and the hundreds of hours he’s dedicated to the club over the years.  He’ll still be back to visit from time to time, and we’ll look forward to hearing about his adventures in Volcano!


Edi said that gleaning will be revving up soon.  Project 2nd Chance is going forward with books arriving soon.


Tickets are available.  No ducks will be harmed in the production of this DV8 fundraiser.  Edi suggested that we could bring some ducks next week and run a test in one of the commodes.  If you don’t have yours yet, don’t worry you’ll get yours soon…



We are now officially an “Award Winning Club” picking up a Presidential Citiation from the President of Rotary International and another for supporting the Kenya Smiles project at the District Awards & Installation Dinner July 13th.  Speaking of which, re-prez Eric stood proudly for both the “thanks for your service” and “welcome to hell” portions of the 3+ hour program.  A sellout crowd of 300+ people attended the event in Woodland, unfortunately they only told the caterer that there would be 250.  Perhaps it was a different BBQ than we’re used to, with 1 oz of beef and a pound of green beans.

The highlight of the program, which had more awards than the national Special Olympics, was the presentation of the District Scrap Book to Past District Governor Laura Day at the end.


Starting next week, a member will be selected at random to the that week’s scribe.  They will take notes on a template they will be provided, and write a recap of that week’s meeting.  Instructions on how to do it will be on the form.  Each member should only have to do it twice a year or so.

SPEAKER: California Reentry & Post Release Services; Collette Carroll & Sam Vaughn

IMG_0895Collette and Sam talked about the work their organization is doing at San Quentin Prison and with “at risk” youth in our community.  Their time flew by fast, as they talked about specific programs and the individuals they are helping transition to life out of prison.

An incredibly interesting and informative program!  They have partnered with the Concord-Clayton Valley Sunrise Rotary Club to open a thrift store in the shopping center at Treat & Denkinger.  They are actively soliciting for donations of gently used clothing for men, women, and children.  If you can help them out. please contact Collette Carroll by email or phone at 925-524-0305.

ByJeff K