A total of FIVE new Paul Harris Fellowships were awarded at the meeting of the Rotary Club of Concord-Diablo on May 1, 2013.   The awards were presented by District 5160 Governor Laura Day.

Eric Maldonado and Edi Birsan were both recipients of their first Paul Harris Fellowships.  Nancy Glenfield, Jeff Kasper, and Dirk Wentling are all multiple recipients of the award.  Mr. Kasper is also a Paul Harris Society member.

A Paul Harris Fellowship is awarded to a member once they have contributed at least $1,000 to The Rotary Foundation (TRF) through a one-time gift or  over a period of years.  A Paul Harris Society membership is granted each year $1,000 is donated to TRF and does not count towards the Paul Harris Fellows recognition.

In addition to presenting the awards, Laura Day also talked about the District 5160 project initiated during her year to provide dental instruction to children in Africa.  She pointed out that Paul Harris Sustaining Contributions help to fund projects as the African project. (Basically 50% of monies donated as Paul Harris sustaining contributions comes back to the District & Clubs to use on projects.)


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ByJeff K