On Tuesday, November 20th, the Concord High Interact Club performed their first service project, a beach clean-up in Pacifica, California USA.  Thirteen members of the club left Concord at 9AM, giving up a day of their Thanksgiving break. They were met at the beach by a volunteer leader of the Pacifica Beach Foundation and given a brief orientation about the type of trash and hazards of not cleaning the beach regularly.

They started out in the parking lot, since most of the trash there would blow onto the beach.  The next step was to break into teams of 2-3 Interactors and walk the beach, from one end to the other, picking up everything from old volleyballs to styrofoam peanuts — and everything in between!

After the beach was thouroughly scowered for trash, a few steps to the worlds best (and only beachfront) Taco Bell for lunch.  Than it was back to school by early afternoon.

Concord High Interact Members – CLICK HERE to view photos

Congratulations to the Concord High Interact Club for accomplishing a great project!

ByJeff K