Cambridge Gift Distribution A Huge Success!

On December 17th, our club held its annual offsite meeting at the Cambridge Community Childcare Development Center on Lacey Lane in Concord.  In addition to members of our club, nine members of the Concord High School Interact Club, and Aline Collard our exchange student,  also came out to support Santa in his efforts! After the gift distribution, we were treated to a luncheon at the center.

Thanks again to everyone who worked so hard to make this such a great success!  Special thanks goes to Jim Williams who again played Santa for us.  Also a shout out to Eric Maldonado, who accepted the last minute challenge to help Jeff shuttle Interactors to the event!

As Prez Karen was tied up with other commitments, PP Eric stepped in to make a $300 donation to the center in lieu of the luncheon fees we would have paid the hotel.

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Kian Talks About His Vision

DSC_0577At the last meeting at the Crowne Plaza in 2014, President-elect Kian Ameli, with first lady Anna looking proudly on asked club members in attendance what they would like to do during his term.

He expressed his excitement to get the ball rolling in anticipation of ascending the throne in July 2015.  Never one to waste time, he plans to meet on July 1st, so he doesn’t miss a beat.

We presented Barbara with a special gratuity in recognition for all the special things she does for us throughout the year.  Thanks Barb for everything you do to make our meetings so special!

Turnout was light, with Prez Karen conducting a do-it-yourself sleep deprivation test… so far 36 hours and counting… and Edi Birsan suffering from a bad case of the flu.  However, both Lora and Laura were in attendance.  Lora S did a great job with the 4-Way Test.

DSC_0585The highlight of the evening was Concord High School’s Ladies First Choral Group.  These young women, including Interact Co-President Jessica Daynes, did an exceptional job for us.  They sang their hearts out.  If you weren’t in the holiday spirit after their performance, there may not be any hope for you.  After their performance, Prez Karen presented director Mr. Emigh with a check in the DSC_0581amount of $250 to support their choral programs.DSC_0590

Welcome Angelina Zywert!

angelina01 angelina03Please welcome our exchange student from Poland, Angelina Zywert!  Angelina is sponsored by the Pleasant Hill Rotary Club, who was nice enough to allow us to participate by hosting their student!  Angelina will be attending Concord High School and will be a member of our Interact Club there.

She will be coming to club from time to time, so make sure you say hello!


Camp ROYAL Camper Visits

photo 3One of our Camp ROYAL scholarship recipients, Jessica Daynes from Concord High School, visited the club meeting on June 4th.

Jessica is a junior at Concord High School and a member of the Interact Club we sponsor.  She was recently elected as the Student Body President for the next school year as well.  Jessica’s parents also joined us for her presentation.

She gave an eloquent talk to the members about her hopes as to what she will gain from her time at the camp.  Looking past her senior year, she plans to go to college and receive her medical degree.