Author Discusses Businesses Behaving Well

DSC_0132Author Ron Elsdon, author of “Business Behaving Well” gave us an overview of corporate social responsibility and the benefits to society.  He tied back the four-way test, as well as the numerous projects our club is involved in, as part of his discussion. Ron was kind enough to donate a copy of his book for our raffle winner.

DSC_0130Today was also a day for good news!  Three “missing” Rotarians were able to make it to the meeting today!  Al Browning, Will Harper, and Kevin Schwartz were a  in attendance.  Al was able to miss the photo, but if you look carefully, you can see his hand at the buffet line behind Will and Kevin.

Jeff also introduced his guest, Wenbo Liu, who is a pharmacist at Sam’s Club, across the street from the Crowne Plaza!

Beri reported that the Carondelet Interact Club was going to be having their club rush on Thursday, September 11th.  Because of new rules on who is allowed on campus, and the fact that she just found out about these rules on Tuesday, she will be delivering pop cycles to the officers of the club to entice new members via somewhat clandestine methods.

President Karen chipped in $20 to our charitable foundation to celebrate the official selling of her house!  Beri tossed in a couple of bucks because she took Angelina (our exchange student from Poland) to Cost Plus last night and ended up purchasing about $40 worth of European chocolates for Angelina! (Of course, this was after her workout at KIan’s Momentum FitnessJeff tossed in a couple of happy bucks because Angelina received her first two grades, both A’s, on a photography assignment.  Edi Birsan, tried to get off with a measly $5 for a trip to Italy over the weekend to defend his honor as a Diplomacy Champion.  It appears that Edi came in #4 in the world — but he’s #1 in our hearts!  Edi told a charming story about meeting a couple from Finland when they noticed he was wearing a Rotary shirt.

You won’t want to miss next week’s Club Assembly – the pot in the drawing is over $280!


handwiches02As you may recall our students who were awarded the scholarships to Camp Royal had mentioned that they had elected to create bag lunches to be distributed to homeless people.

Thanks to Dominique and Devyn from the Carondelet Interact Club for sharing these photos of the big day.  Also congratulations on executing your plan from Camp ROYAL!

The board agreed to fund the project with a donation of $100.  We are pleased to report that the project has launched.  Here are photos from the event day:


Carondolet Interactor’s Contribute

photo 01 The Carondolet High School Interact Club took their meeting today to make posters for our April 26th Bowling Bash.   The signs will recognize the generous sponsors who have made the event a success even before the first pin falls!

Thank ladies!  We really appreciate your support!  (As a side note, the Carondolet Interact Club also has a bowing team, sponsored by Momentum Fitness.  Our second Interact Club at Concord High School will also be bowling thanks to a sponsorship by Nancy Glenfield.)photo 02

Cambridge Gift Wrapping – Wrap-Up

IMG_0956On December 5, 2014 over 135 gifts were wrapped and addressed to kids who will be receiving the gifts on December 18th.

Kathy, Nancy, Steve, Karen & daughter Kristen, Eric, Jeff & Beri, Will and family were joined members of the Carondelet High Interact Club to prove that “many hands make light work.”  Mid-way through the evening the members took a IMG_0957pizza break.  Sodas and water were courtesy of the club’s mixer supply.

IMG_0960 IMG_0958 IMG_0959 IMG_0961 IMG_0962 IMG_0964