Bill Gram-Reefer Talks Tech!

20120829-131253.jpgBill Gram-Reefer, founder of Halfway to Concord and owner of Worldview PR, talked about a number of interesting topics.

He started off explaining what the Apple / Samsung lawsuit. He then turned his watchful eye to social media.

He handed out a presentation on Google+ First off, he noted that Google+ has been around less than a year, and has 100 million members already.

He’s recommending that all his clients focus on the service. One of the key benefits is that everything you post is added to Google’s search engine.

Check out his blog at


6443 LBS and Counting!

Today Nancy Glenfield led the picking of Grapefruit joined later by Cody and Edi Birsan.  Nancy gets full credit for the leadership of the mission as she was there and rallied us to come and help her.  Other significant matters is that this puts Cody Sickinger (our exchange guest with Japan) one ahead of Karen Mahshi at 19 gleaning missions.  Though I am sure that in the three weeks that Cody is in Japan that Karen will once again pull ahead.

We are up to 6,443 pounds compared to a all of last year’s total of 8,000 pounds.

On target for a record year.


Beri & Erin GleaningOur “famed Picker Squadron” has been recognized again, specifically with a photo of Erin McGregor & Beri Kasper in the Concord Transcript’s Good Neighbor column.  Thanks to reporter Lois Grassi, we have a scan of the clip.

Actually, it was a banner week for Concord-Diablo Rotary in the news, as Karen Mahshi‘s photo was also featured in an article about the3 Northern California Herb Society of America.

Congratulations to Erin, Beri and Karen!


Don’t forget we have picking opportunities 7/12 & 7/13!

Read all about it by clicking here!