October’s Rotarian of the Month is…

Edi Birsan, for leading the Club in international and community projects.  In addition to the Burkina Faso water projects Edi’s favorites are the book sales at the Concord Library and fruit gleaning around the City of Concord.  Edi gathers members to help set up and take down three to four book sales each year.  Edi’s favorite motto is “there will be no scurvy in Concord”.  He is largely responsible for leading Club members to pick over two tons of fruit just this year, and over ten tons since he brought the project to the Club about five years ago.  All fruit is donated to the local food pantries and food banks.  Well done, Edi!


Veteran’s Day 2015

Speaker Chuck Kohler voluntarily enlisted in the U.S. Navy on April 30, 1941.  A couple of months after his 17th birthday.  Little did he know what he would be involved in just eight months later.  He was stationed on Ford Island in Pearl Harbor and was at his desk typing a letter to his mother when the bombs started to fall all around him.  Those present at this meeting were totally engaged while Mr. Kohler told of his brave actions and struggles to return fire power…all while having been injured in the initial bombing.



September’s Rotarian of the Month Is…

Beri Kasper!  In addition to getting our two Interact Clubs up and running for the new school year Beri filled in for the President when he was out of town, suggested speakers for upcoming meetings, hosted a baby shower for the President’s and First Lady’s First Baby and continued to conduct her Treasurer and President-Elect duties.  Whew!  That’s a lot for just one person.  And she makes it look so easy!  Congratulations, Beri.  You deserve the recognition.

Beri and Pres Kian

Beri and Pres Kian