Picker Squadron Over 4,000 Lbs!

image001With Robert Rodriguez joining Edi on his first mission we were able to get 700 lbs of grapefruit from one tree (took three visits).

This puts us at 4,092lbs for the year. Admittedly the grapefruit at Chandler Court did not give up easily and various deep scratches were sustained in the effort *(another reason we recommend long sleeve shirts and gloves) but we were triumphant.

Such a great success is the Picker Squadron that there has been no cases of scurvy in Concord since the Squadron’s inception six years ago and over 24 tons collected and distributed!

Rotary History – Owl Addresses Club!

Photo by Erin McGregor

Photo by Erin McGregor

Today, the gust speaker was an owl from the Lindsey Wildlife Experience.  The owl amazed and thrilled the packed room with tales of whoooo he knew and the many celebrity owls whooo had been his friends through the years.

He also brought a couple of friends with him, including Norma Bishop the Executive Director of the Lindsay Wildlife Experience and Lizzie Cole, the Development Director.  Lizzie was also kind enough to donate a family membership for our bowling tournament on April 25th!

The owl’s talk was so good, it made even Jack Mahshi smile!  Based on this super-human skill, the owl was elected president-elect-elect.  Who knows, we may save some money on flight expense during his term…

A wonderful presentation indeed!  Please consider visiting and helping out the Lindsay Wildlife Experience!

Guy Swanger Brings Family Justice to Concord

image5At the meeting of February 25, 2014, Concord’s Chief of Police Guy Swanger made a great presentation about the .  The Center will be located in Downtown Concord and brings all the necessary elements together in one place for victims of domestic violence to get assistance.  Swanger recounted his assignment in San Diego, where he led the Family Justice Center there.  image4

Everyone is invited to the grand opening of the center on March 19th.  The center is located at 2151 Salvio Street in Concord.  The grand opening and ribbon cutting starts at 12PM, with an open house to follow!  This is a major accomplishment for Concord, and will be of great assistance to those victims needing assistance.

image1On a lighter note, President Valles presented Kian Ameli with his “official” business cards, as he will be going to Far West PETS (President-elect Training Seminar)

Gleaning Nets 3,000lbs In Two Months!

IMAG3808With the thanks to Nancy Glenfield, Kathy Lafferty, Edi Birsan and Mary Rae Lehman who turned out the afternoon of Saturday, February 28th, we were able break 3,000 lbs so far.  A GREAT start when you consider that for our whole first year 5 years ago we did just over 2000lbs.

Fruit was brought to the Food Bank by Nancy and I have an additional 75lbs went to the homeless shelter on Sunday!