WIN $500! Jelly Bean Cam


Coming soon… Your chance to win $500!  This is a live streaming transmission of the actual container you need to count!

Only from Concord-Diablo Rotary Club can you purchase a ticket for just $5, where you can guess the exact number of Jelly Beans in this container and win $500!

Here’s some quick facts:

  • Container is sealed and is filled only with standard sized “Jelly Belly” brand candy.
  • Nobody on earth knows the exact number of beans in the container.
  • The container, as you see it, weighs approximately 28 pounds / 12.7kg
  • Tickets to guess are just $5 US – Winner will be the entry closest to the actual number of beans in the jar, counted on or about June 10, 2015, without going over.
  • In the event of a tie, winnings will be split between the correct guesses.

All proceeds benefit the Concord-Diablo Rotary Charitable Fund, a not-for-profit 501c3 organization.

“Boots on the Ground” in Iraq

DSC_0159At the meeting of September 24, 2014 Ashur Yoseph, president of the Assyrian Aid Society of America gave us an update of the current situation “on the ground” in Iraq.  A fascinating presentation which gave those in attendance a much clearer understanding of what is really going on in the country and the needs of the individuals who are displaced by the ISIS atrocities.

Concord High Club Rush Nets 37 NEW Interact Members!

IMG_0287Thanks to our Concord High School Interact Co-Presidents and our exchange student Angelina Zywert, a total of 37 new Interactors were singed up for our Concord High Club.  The “Club Rush” which was held on September 24th was aided my cookies purchased by Club Adviser Jeff Kasper, based on the success of the popsicles at Carondalet last week!

9/17/14 Meeting Recap

I would like to share with all of you that were not able to attend today you were missed.

Al Browning did a great job leading us in the Pledge of Allegiance, and made a donation to the charitable fund of 50.00 for missing on a few meeting. Thank You Al.

Kian Ameli did a fabulous job on the 4 way test of the things we Think Say and Do in are everyday lives.

President Karen did the thought of the day. Please keep in mind of all the little things we take for granite. My thoughts a prayers goes out to the town of Weed and everyone that has lost any and everything in the northern fires. Please help if you can. You can donate directly by clicking here.

Edi Birsan did a quick update on community services. And it was quick, thank you Edi.

Will Harper shared information on the Salvation Army there in need of help with data entry tomorrow between 9am-3pm. If you or someone you might know that could help out with any amount of time please go the Salvation Army on Clayton Rd. Also they are having a family dinner on the 18th of October between 6-8pm. The dinner is free to all but in need of help for this event as well.

Please contact Kathy Lafferty for Day At The Races, she can help you get registered.

We had a Thank You letter from a student from Project Second Chance. This is the program that we give dictionaries to for the adult literacy program. Basically is read as, I would like thank Rotary for donating the dictionaries to project Second Chance for it helps me learn new words and to be a better reader. This an adult student that took the time to thank our club for helping them in their life. This is what It’s all about, helping others.

We had Bowling Bash sponsorship checks for the total amount of $650 today, Thank You! Let’s keep the sponsorships coming.

President Karen Valles gave to our Club’s Charitable Fund a donation of $100.00 for the sale of her rental home. So glad It’s sold. Less is more to me now than we’re getting older. Did I just say I’m old, Not.

Speaker: You missed a great speaker ,Ed Cleland from the Clayton Community Church and a great program on Building Bridges. Not what you might think. The projects that they do titled Building Bridges are phenomenal, they are help other just like Rotary does, but more in manual labor concept. Great Great program. Sorry you missed it. I will invite them back you don’t want to miss it. They do great work for the community.

Well raffle: The chance to draw went to Kian how exciting the pot is quite big at this time,  $294, we’re all on the edge of our seats and ……………….. It’s still growing. Sorry Kian better luck next time.

President Karen announced the board’s decision to start meeting at 6PM on the second Wednesday of each month.  All other Wednesdays we will continue to meet at 12:15PM.  The idea is to encourage prospective members who can’t attend a daytime meeting. Please remember to invite a guest for our first evening meeting on October 8th. Mark Peterson, District Attorney of Contra Costa County will present Part II of his presentation. We expect a full room.Cost of the dinner meeting will be $20. (This will also be the price of the lunches beginning 1/1/15. No more sandwich boards, and a better salad lettuce and fixings too!) Until then, I will see you all Wednesdays at noon.

Next week’s speaker Ashur J. Yoseph – Assyrian Aid Society Of America.