Valles Bails??? PP Eric Assumes Power!

Less than 8 weeks into office, DSC_0051President Karen Valles has left the state on a vacation in another planet state, Oregon.  She ditched her secret service detail, and has been having a fine time we hear.

Eric Maldonado showed that he hadn’t lost his touch, calling on Beri Kasper with a mouth full of food, immediately after she had sat down.

DSC_0052Visiting Rotarian Ken Nishimori visited with our exchange student from Poland, Angelina Zywert.  Eric also invited  Miguel del Barco a realtor from Alain Pinel.  Kathy Lafferty reported that Nancy Glenfield came out of cataract surgery with flying colors.  Beri Kasper gave a quick update on the Camp ROYAL scholarship recipient’s project to help feed the homeless.  Jeff Kasper reported that he had “graduated” (been kicked out) of Kaiser’s Heart Transplant Unit in Santa Clara.  To celebrate, he gave a crisp $100 bill to The Rotary Foundation.  Edi Birsan gave us a community update and mentioned that he needs some help on Sunday, September 1, 2014 about noontime to go to the Lafayette Library and pick up books to be sold at the Concord Friends of the Library sale in the future.

DSC_0053Our speaker, Darrin Walters from Concord’s Blue Star Tattoos did a great job of explaining the most up to date trends and challenges in Tattoo world.  As a third-generation tattoo artist, he had a great deal of information to share.  The most prominent message was “Buyer Beware” when it comes to a tattoo parlor.  He also talked about the influx of Chinese tattoo ink and supplies, and how he chooses to mix his own ink as opposed to buy pre-made inks.  He also touched on what it takes to get rid of a tattoo.  All in all, a very interesting presentation!


handwiches02As you may recall our students who were awarded the scholarships to Camp Royal had mentioned that they had elected to create bag lunches to be distributed to homeless people.

Thanks to Dominique and Devyn from the Carondelet Interact Club for sharing these photos of the big day.  Also congratulations on executing your plan from Camp ROYAL!

The board agreed to fund the project with a donation of $100.  We are pleased to report that the project has launched.  Here are photos from the event day:


CD Leaders Represent in Todos Santos!

Past-president Eric Maldonado, Edi Birsan, Johnny Huang president of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, President Karen Valles, Past-president Erin McGregor and Past-president Beri Kasper meet up at the Latin Culture Festival

Leaders of the Concord-Diablo Rotary Club were represented, along with Johnny Huang, president of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce at the Latin Culture Festival in Todos Santos Park on Saturday, August 23, 2014 in Todos Santos Park.

Johnny Huang
Johnny Huang
Johnny Huang

Johnny Huang
Johnny Huang

Welcome Angelina Zywert!

angelina01 angelina03Please welcome our exchange student from Poland, Angelina Zywert!  Angelina is sponsored by the Pleasant Hill Rotary Club, who was nice enough to allow us to participate by hosting their student!  Angelina will be attending Concord High School and will be a member of our Interact Club there.

She will be coming to club from time to time, so make sure you say hello!