fred-collignon-9-28-16When District 5160 Governor, Fred Collignon visited our Club on Wednesday he reminded us of all the good we have been doing since our beginning in 1979.  In no particular order and just to name a few, we have helped build schools and water wells in Africa, Nicaragua, and Burkina Faso, sent a sewing machine to a hospital in Ecuador to help make special coverings for burn victims, helped many local residents clean up their properties, replaced batteries in senior’s smoke alarms, funded many scholarships, donated dictionaries for Project Second Chance, helped the book sales at the Concord Library, and most recently, to date we have picked over 20 tons, yes TONS, of fruit and donated to the Food Bank, Homeless Shelter, Salvation Army, and many other food distribution centers.  Whew, we’ve been busy!

While he was here Fred inducted our newest member, Julia Neely who is the new Executive Director at Cambridge Child Development Center.  She has taken over for the now retired, Kathy Lafferty and admits she has big shoes to fill.  Julia has been in the child care field for over 35 years, and in her spare time loves to garden, hike, play the piano, and sing Jazz music.  Welcome, Julia to both the Club and to Cambridge!


Fred also handed out Perfect Attendance awards to Edi Birsan (7 years), Lee Koellermeier (1), Kian Ameli (3), Karen Valles (2), Beri Kasper (19), Nancy Glenfield (18), Karen Mahshi (22), and Kathy Lafferty (8).  In order to qualify for “perfect attendance” they all attended every meeting…or made up at another club for the meeting(s) they missed…or attended a sponsored event or activity like fruit gleaning, Interact meetings, district events, fundraisers, board meetings, and work days. Congratulations to you all!