For the past several years we have picked fruit on Super Bowl Sunday.  This year, with rain predicted on Bowl day several members turned out to pick lemons a week early.  Newest member Rocky Gernhardt did a fine job on his first fruit picking as did Brigitte Ross, who by the way is not even a member, yet.  She really wants to impress!  Last but certainly not least, President Beri Kasper led the group in picking 200 pounds and donating to the Monument Crisis Center.  The fruit picking is always free of charge to the homeowner.  However, sometimes they are so thankful to be able to not only get their trees gleaned and ready for new blossoms but be able to donate to people who can use the fruit that they will donate to our Charitable Fund.  Such is the case of homeowner Rita who also took all these fantastic photos of our Rotarians hard at work.  All are truly following the Rotary motto “Service Above Self”.  Thank you, Rita for the fruit and for the boost to our Charitable Fund, which will, in turn let us provide things like scholarships to deserving DVC students, toys for Cambridge kids, and food gift cards for families in need.  Seems like a Win, Win in this Super Bowl!