It is with great pleasure to announce that as of noon July 1st we have collected over 6,000 pounds of fruit for the community this year. That’s THREE TONS OF FOOD!

This week has been an active one with 5 houses being hit. Including the home of Sally Smith a literacy volunteer at the Monument Community Partnership who is often seen in a handicap scooter. This illustrates the duality of service that we provide by gleaning- not only do the hungry get fresh fruit, but the homes of the giver’s are often people who also need help who could not harvest their own trees.

At Sally’s there was the return of Beri Kasper and Erin McGregor to the active Picker Squadron Ranks earning make ups and Erin was able to receive an Aloe plant gift from Sally’s plentiful bounty as a way of thanks.

This morning we hit two homes of a mother and daughter with more plums and a haul of apricots. One of the discards was rather interesting and looked like a heart. We like to have fun with fruit shapes.

ByJeff K