beri gleenKaren102 lbs oranges 20150215_103647_001_resizedSeven gleaning missions were completed this past weekend which netted over 800 pounds of fresh fruit for our local food banks and pantries.  Way to go Concord-Diablo Rotarians!  Here’s the breakdown:

  • Karen Mahshi  102 lbs to the Food Bank on Saturday
  • Edi Birsan Junior 190 lbs to Food Bank on Saturday
  • Edi Birsan Senior 200 lbs to Homeless Shelter Sunday/and for Crisis Center Monday
  • Karen Vales and Wendy Moore 80-100 lbs
  • Beri Kasper and Laura Swanger 260 lbs
That puts us into our first TON for the year and it is only 6 weeks into 2015!!!!

ByJeff K