DSCF0572Senator Mark DeSalunier was the featured speaker at the first-ever joint meeting of the Walnut Creek and Concord-Diablo clubs.

In the 35 years of our club’s existence, it was the largest meeting ever held, with over 90 Rotarians and guests present. Rotarians from Concord, Concord Clayton Valley Sunrise, Martinez and Pleasant Hill also joined the record-breaking crowd.  District Governor Steve Lack also was in attendance.DSCF0573

Senator DeSaulnier gave us an update on happenings at the state level, and shared some personal insight into daily life in Sacramento.  He then answered questions from the audience.

Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to pull everything together.  From the hotel, to the Great Concord Chamber of Commerce for loaning us DSCF0568the PA system, to Rachel Dunn Chocolates for loaning us a speaker stand – It was really one for the record books!


ByJeff K