eric&edi_pickingThis weekend we hit the Vacaville Persimmons orchard for about 300Lbs and another close to 250 at Parkside where we saw Eric ‘Underdog’ make his 15th appearance with the picker pole along with Cody at 26(but who’s counting).
Horray for US/  the tree at 1846 could probably use another pass later this week if anyone is interested but you will need picker poles.
Meanwhile please make sure to canvass your neighborhoods of the new crop of oranges that should be coming in shortly.
Here’s the most recent Picker Squadron Stats:

1/1/2013 11/17/2013
5678 pounds

*= mission
S= solo mission
H- brought a helper
ACE= 5 * plus one S
(*) = honorable mention for trying to get to the location and getting lost hopelessly for an hour.
Edi Birsan-Squadron Leader

Karen Mahshi*******************SSSSSSSSSSSSSSH ACE
Eric Maldonado *********SSSSSS ACE
Kathy Lafferty SSSS*** ACE
Al Browning ***(*)
Erin McGregor *****H
Beri Kasper SSSH*****(ACE)
Jeff Kasper ***
Karen Vales *****HH**HH
Nancy Glenfield *******S ACE
David Adler S
Virginia Thomas SS
Kevin Schwartz S
Steve Willhite SHH
Richard Eber *******SHHS ACE
Patricia Allen *HHH
Susan Goodwin *H
Molly McDonald S*
Laura Hoffmeister S
Dirk Wentling *******S ACE
Wes Daniels *H
Rafael Tunon *
Jimmy Araujo *********

Gil Herrara *
Jan Paulde Guzman * *
Banri *
Cody Sickinger ************************SS
Chyenne *
Christen Valles ****
Greg McGregor *
Lynn Kiehl *
Azusa Kabaita *
Lois Grasi *
Jimmy Eber Grandson *
Anniea Eber Grandaughter ***

ByJeff K