Following our annual tradition that dates back to the earliest days of the club, we presented Dawn Miguel, the president of the Board of Directors of the Cambridge Community Center in Concord, CA with over 200 gift cards to a local area supermarket.  The cards will be distributed to needy families during the Thanksgiving week to help them have a happier holiday.

Sitting in for President Eric, PP James Ficenec presents over 200 gift cards to Dawn Miguel, the president of the Cambridge Community Center Board of Directors

Back in the day, this tradition started when club members wanted to give out Thanksgiving Turkeys to needy families for Thanksgiving.  After assessing the needs of the community, we were requested to donate chickens instead.  And chickens we did deliver!

For many years, we purchased frozen chickens, stored them at whatever supermarket would allow us to borrow their freezer space, and then on the appointed day, handed them out to the recipients.  Keeping the chicken frozen, or at least at a safe temperature was a challenge, not only before, but the day of distribution as well.  Additionally, it got pretty slick and messy flickin’ chickens towards the end of the endeavor.

These days, with the advent of gift cards, the only thing recipients need to flick is their gift card for a happy Thanksgiving meal.

ByJeff K