Three new members were inducted into the Club at the January 30th meeting.  The members represent a wide range of businesses in our community.

Back Row: Jeff Kasper, Garry Moore, Dave Adler, Rich Eber, Kian Ameli, Edi Birsan Front Row:President Eric Maldonado, Asst. Dist. Governor Jon Dwyer

The new members are: Dave Adler, Concord Disposal Service (Sponsored by Richard Eber), Kian Ameli, Momentum Fitness (Sponsored by Edi Birsan), and Garry Moore, Moore’s Mission Home (Sponsored by Jeff Kasper)

In a twist of fate worthy of a Solomon Rushdie movie, all three of the new members have a connection with Rotary in their past, as well as their future…

Garry Moore was a member of the Concord club for a number of years, until the early 2000’s when he took a 11 year break.  Dave Adler’s father, Nick, is a former member and served as Club Secretary during his tenure.  Kian Ameli’s father in law, is a long-time Rotarian from the Phoenix area, and has been talking to Kian about Rotary for awhile now.  (Plus, as an added bonus, Kian said his wife said Rotarians are sexy! — Gotta love her already!)


ByJeff K