The day started out with an email from the new prez letting us know he was going ring the bell at 12:22PM – and the members we not disappointed when he actually got around to ringing the dog gone thing.

Rich Eber started us off with a rousing rendition of the pledge. Edi Birsan had a moving thought for the day focused on community service. Karen Valles aced the Four-Way Test.

Eric passed the “Past President’s Badge” to PP Jeff Kasper, who gladly accepted it!


Da Prez also brought back the “Spinning Wheel o’Death” from a PP who will remain nameless. He passed around a list of the “proposed” fines, which he unilaterally accepted as fact.

He then managed to ditch the beloved deck of cards – for the wheel!!!

He tried to explain that the odds were actually better of winning, but by then, we had run out of fingers and toes.

The highlight of the meeting was speaker, Ken Dami from Tesoro. Ken explained about the massive complex, which is the 2nd largest in California. He talked about the Tesoro commitment to the communities the serve.

So, if you missed the meeting, you missed a great meeting! Congratulations Eric! Keep up the good work!

ByJeff K