IMG_0116At the meeting of June 18th, speaker District Attorney Mark Peterson spoke to a room packed with members, visiting Rotarians and invited guests.  DA Peterson talked about the changes implemented and accomplishments since he took over the office in 2010.  Some really impressive statistics, when you consider his office facilitated a 50% reduction in the murder rate in Richmond.

IMG_0115He also shared several other programs that are focused on preventing crime.  His commitment to fairly administering justice to all was the backbone of his administration.

In addition to giving a great presentation, he also contributed $50 to the Concord-Diablo Charitable Fund in honor of his youngest daughter’s graduation from Northgate High School!

Other happy contributions included Erin McGregor in honor of Emma’s graduation from High School.  Al Browning was happy that life was returning to normal at his household.  Jeff Kasper was happy hsi test results are continuing to improve.  Christian Warrell was happy that his guest, Gary Fiammengo from Sam Clair Office Furniture was able to make the meeting.  That’s all this reporter can recall right now — sure I missed some — my apologies in advance.

District Attorney Peterson will be returning to the Club on October 8, 2014 to expand on his fun and informative talk.

ByJeff K