Once again, we were privileged to be able to provide gifts (one toy and one book) to a class at the Cambridge Community Center Preschool.

This is truly one of the most fun programs of the year.  Where else are you able to spend an hour or so, and experience such absolute joy to so many young children.

The day started off meeting in secret with Santa (THANK YOU Jim Williams!) where President Eric shared his secret wishes for his Christmas List.  (We’re not sure exactly what Santa said, but it looked like Santa gave him a super-sized bag of Kingsford Charcoal?)

Next, it was off to give the gifts away.  You would not believe how well-behaved 3-4 year olds can be when Santa is in the house!  After the gift exchange, it was back to the secret room for a delicious lunch!  As is tradition, we donated the money we would normally pay the hotel to Cambridge.

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ByJeff K