The October 30, 2013 meeting was a great one!  The agenda for the business portion of the meeting was full of updates for your calendar:

  • 11/16 – Day at the Races at Golden Gate Fields
  • 11/21 – Cambridge Gift Card Distribution from 1-4PM
  • 11/27 – CLUB DARK for Thanksgiving
  • 12/5 – 5:30PM Cambridge Wrap Party @ Cambridge Community Center
  • 12/18 – 12PM <-NOTE TIME Cambridge Gift / Santa OFFSITE MEETING
  • 12/25 – CLUB DARK Merry Christmas!
  • 1/1 – CLUB DARK  Happy New Year!

DSCF0297Dave Adler presented a check to President Eric on behalf of Garaventa Enterprises.  The check is for a grant we received that will fun the Cambridge Gift Cards so that families will have a better holiday.  The $2,000 will go to buying the gift cards, and will mean that we are able to serve twice the families we have in the past!  Thank you Garaventa Enterprises and Dave Adler for making this a possibility!

DSCF0299Our speaker, Dr. David Hicks, spoke about facial plastic surgery – without using a general anesthetic!  He did a great job breaking down the different components of the procedures and the benefits of not going under general anesthesia.  He talked about how a “face lift” really only goes from below the eyes down.  An eye-lift takes care of the saddlebags under the eyes and drooping eyelids.  He also talked about the faster recovery times and reduced risk with a local vs. general anesthesia.  Dr. Hicks’ office is located at Trio Skin Care at 1333 Willow Pass Road in Concord.  His phone number is (925) 609-8746.

DSCF0298Great Speakers Coming Up!
11/6 – Dr. Charles “Mac” Powell, John F. Kennedy University
11/13 – District Governor Steve Lack Official Visit (Bd. Mtg. @11AM)
11/20 – Linda Goldey – Edgar Cayce The Sleeping Prophet
12/4 – John Fransen, California Highway Patrol
12/18 – Cambridge Gift Exchange with Santa

ByJeff K