Henry Takes Wakayama By Storm

henry 03
Henry addresses the members of the WW RC
henry 04
Henry charms members at the luncheon held in his honor.

Sleep?  Who needs sleep!  Apparently not Henry… At least when he’s in Japan!

The day AFTER he arrived in Wakayama, he attended the Club’s meeting and delivered his “welcoming” talk – COMPLETELY IN JAPANESE! (Well, probably not completely in Japanese, but these are still pictures, but it looks like it  COULD have been in Japanese)

What will he do next??? Only time will tell!  He sure looks like he is having fun!


There’s not a moment of rest planned for his schedule, either!  This week, he will be meeting with

Henry at WWRC
Henry poses with members of the WW RC

the mayor of Wakayama, Japan.  Then it will be off to Wakayam Hikigawa River Play Kayak, Osaka Kaiyukan Aqarium, then the Mt.Koyasan. And, there will probably be even more stuff to see and do in this beautiful area of Japan.



Henry receives the flag of the Wakayama West RC
Henry receives the flag of the Wakayama West RC

Henry Arrives Safely in Japan!

Henry Arrives 130716Our 2013 Wakayama Exchange Student, Henry Valdez, arrived safely in Japan on July 16th.  He’s pictured here with Mr. & Mrs. Nishitani and their grandaughter.

Compared with the “before” picture, he looks like he traveled quite well!  Oh, to be 18 years old and to be able to take a 11 hour flight and not look like you had been hit by a truck visit flybyschool.com

Henry Arrives 130716 2
After! Looks even better than when he left!


And He’s Off!

Our Wakayama Exchange Student, Henry Valdez, left on his journey to Japan this morning.  Henry will go from San Francisco to Tokyo, where he will have a 2 hour layover.  When he lands in Tokyo, he will grab a train to a different airport, and then fly into Osaka’s Kansai airport.  He should arrive in Osaka about 7PM on July 16th.  Henry will return to the US on July 30th.

Henry Valdez

Wakayama Exchange Student Visits Club

Valdez Family
Henry Valdez & his proud parents visit the Club prior to his departure for Japan on July 15th

On Wednesday, July 10th, our outgoing Wakayama exchange student, Henry Valdez, along with his parents, joined the club for lunch.  Henry just graduated from De La Salle High School in Concord.

During the meeting, Henry expressed his gratitude for being selected.  He also expressed his hope to learn more about the cultural differences between the US and Japan. After he returns from Japan, Henry will be attending University in Portland to fulfill his dream of becoming a nurse.  The club passed the hat, and collected almost $189 for traveling money, plus, thanks to Edi, an undetermined amount of Yen. (Shame on the rest of you who didn’t bring all the spa

After his return from Japan, we will look forward to hearing about his adventures!