Bowling Bash A Great Success!

Thank you , thank you, thank you to everyone who made our April 22, 2017 fundraiser such a great success.  From our great sponsors, Rotarians who worked countless hours before, during, and after — and of course, the bowlers, who made this sell-out event so much fun!


Bowling Bash Gold sponsors:


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Isaiah Returns Home and Meets Kris Calvin

As the following photos show Isaiah had a great time in Wakayama, Japan!  Unfortunately the rest of his photos are on his cell phone which is at the bottom of a river in Japan.  That was some river rafting trip!  Isaiah visited the Club and brought his parents, Justin and Priscilla and brother, Daniel.  With his trip behind him he can now concentrate on beginning his studies at Sierra Community College.

Grandma Cassie, Isaiah, and President Beri
Grandma Cassie, Isaiah, and President Beri

8-10-16 Isaiah Garcia

Dad Justin, Mom Priscilla, Grandma Cassie, and brother Daniel
Dad Justin, Mom Priscilla, Grandma Cassie, and brother Daniel

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At the same meeting we had the pleasure of hearing from author Kris Calvin.  Her first novel One Murder More is racing up the best sellers list.  She has just won the 2016 Silver Falchion Award for best first novel, best political thriller, and best female detective/sleuth.  Congratulations, Kris and welcome home Isaiah!

8-10-16 Isaiah Garcia & Kris Calvin

Travis Credit Union, again Visits DVC

Mad City Money

Mad City Money is a 3½ hour simulation for young adults 14-22 years old, to learn how to budget, save, and the importance of credit.  Some of the volunteers helping with the training were Concord-Diablo Rotarians, Edi Birsan, Nancy Glenfield, Casilda Gonzales, Lee Koellermeier, and Kathy Lafferty, along with Eric Maldonado supervising everyone.  The volunteers acted as merchants who were instructed to sell items to the students who were tasked with needing to buy necessary living expense items and stay within their budgets.  The merchants, of course were to make it seem as if the students could not live without their items, cars, computers, clothes, vacations, dining out, furniture, homes, and baby necessities.  At the end of the day it was the general consensus that the students learned very well the difference between “wants” and “needs”.

Casilda Gonzales, Edi Birsan, Nancy Glenfield, Lee Koellermeier, Kathy Lafferty, Eric Maldonado
Casilda Gonzales, Edi Birsan, Nancy Glenfield, Lee Koellermeier, Kathy Lafferty, Eric Maldonado

Edi Kathy Nancy The KidsEdi & LeeCassie

Concord-Diablo an Award Winning Club!

It’s official!  With the close of the 2014 District 5160 Awards & Installation Dinner, which was held in Woodland, CA on July 12,2014 we are officially and award winning Club.

Edi Birsan was recognized for his leadership in keeping the Gleaning program going strong.  The Club received two awards; One for successfully reach all of the five areas of service, and one for the best “Hands On” project with our Gleaning.  Finally, Beri Kasper was recognized for her work as the Camp Venture chair for the past ten years.

President Karen also successfully was administered the oath of office from past Rotary International President Cliff Dochterman.

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