Concord-Diablo an Award Winning Club!

It’s official!  With the close of the 2014 District 5160 Awards & Installation Dinner, which was held in Woodland, CA on July 12,2014 we are officially and award winning Club.

Edi Birsan was recognized for his leadership in keeping the Gleaning program going strong.  The Club received two awards; One for successfully reach all of the five areas of service, and one for the best “Hands On” project with our Gleaning.  Finally, Beri Kasper was recognized for her work as the Camp Venture chair for the past ten years.

President Karen also successfully was administered the oath of office from past Rotary International President Cliff Dochterman.

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2014 Pancake Breakfast a Smashing Success!

Thanks to everyone who turned out and volunteered at the July 4th Pancake Breakfast in Todos Santos Park!  The event was a great success, even in light of the fact that the crowds were lighter than in previous years.

Of course, thanks goes to the hundreds of people who came out and actually bought pancakes or hot dogs!

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Mixer Best Ever!

Thanks again to Momentum Fitness for sponsoring our August 22, 2013 mixer.  By all accounts, it had the highest attendance of any mixer we’ve ever held, and it was a lot of fun too!  35-40 people get to know CD Rotary better!

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