Picker Squadron Over 4,000 Lbs!

image001With Robert Rodriguez joining Edi on his first mission we were able to get 700 lbs of grapefruit from one tree (took three visits).

This puts us at 4,092lbs for the year. Admittedly the grapefruit at Chandler Court did not give up easily and various deep scratches were sustained in the effort *(another reason we recommend long sleeve shirts and gloves) but we were triumphant.

Such a great success is the Picker Squadron that there has been no cases of scurvy in Concord since the Squadron’s inception six years ago and over 24 tons collected and distributed!

Gleaning Nets 3,000lbs In Two Months!

IMAG3808With the thanks to Nancy Glenfield, Kathy Lafferty, Edi Birsan and Mary Rae Lehman who turned out the afternoon of Saturday, February 28th, we were able break 3,000 lbs so far.  A GREAT start when you consider that for our whole first year 5 years ago we did just over 2000lbs.

Fruit was brought to the Food Bank by Nancy and I have an additional 75lbs went to the homeless shelter on Sunday!

Seven Missions Completed in Two Days!

beri gleenKaren102 lbs oranges 20150215_103647_001_resizedSeven gleaning missions were completed this past weekend which netted over 800 pounds of fresh fruit for our local food banks and pantries.  Way to go Concord-Diablo Rotarians!  Here’s the breakdown:

  • Karen Mahshi  102 lbs to the Food Bank on Saturday
  • Edi Birsan Junior 190 lbs to Food Bank on Saturday
  • Edi Birsan Senior 200 lbs to Homeless Shelter Sunday/and for Crisis Center Monday
  • Karen Vales and Wendy Moore 80-100 lbs
  • Beri Kasper and Laura Swanger 260 lbs
That puts us into our first TON for the year and it is only 6 weeks into 2015!!!!

Karen, Craig & Ryan Beat the Rain!

Ryan & Craig-we picked 125 poundsAce Picker Karen Mahshi reported, “Craig Rossi and his co-worker at Bayside Insulation Ryan joined me at the Blackwell home in Walnut Creek. We picked 125 pounds of Valencia oranges. I found that the oranges could not easily be pulled off, so I had Ryan hold the gleaner (picker pole) underneath an orange while Craig used my long-handled pruner to cut the stem. I removed the stem & leaves attached to the orange and put the fruit in bags. This was definitely a 3-person project.



20140723_163618Here’s something you’ll never hear from the “other” president… Our own president. Karen Valles, ditched her secret service detail to go on a solo gleaning mission.  She arrived at the home of John & Terry in Clayton and picked a bushle or two of peaches!

Congratulations Karen!